Please fill out this form to join RTP Offroad Club

Membership fee is $20 which will be sent as a PayPal invoice once all application material is received.

To join the club you have to agree to follow our club rules found here.

All members must take the TREAD LIGHTLY! 101 ONLINE AWARENESS COURSE, this is free and takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete.  When you are done print out the certificate or save as a PDF and then attach it to the membership form.

Finally all members must complete a waiver and sign it for themselves and any family members that plan to ride with them on our trips.  The waiver is located here, please complete it and then take a picture with your smartphone and attach the image to the membership application.

Club Rules

ROC ByLaws

Membership Application
Please attach a copy of the signed waiver
Please attach a copy of your completed Treadlightly Certification
Please add an emergency contact and phone number.

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